"Being in pose I could describe my feelings, my mental state as an inimitable process of thoughts and innate discussions based on composure and joy, passion and suffering. The experience comes as a second. This is what I give to you to draw, to paint, to challenge in search of what is tangible." - Krystyna Magdalena Wasiura

Modeling is many things to me, among them:
- A collaboration built on inspiration and an understanding of the drive and desire to create and express.
- Finding and establishing connections.
- Being a muse.
- Learning and discovering new ideas and people.

I have six years of experience in artistic modeling. My background includes historical fencing, belly dancing, equestrian work, and rock climbing. I have elegant movements and a classical look. I’ve worked for many artists and photographers in the Annapolis, DC, and Baltimore areas, and have excellent references. All work that I do must be tasteful and artistic. I am always interested in new projects, and in combining creative energy to make extraordinary fine art. --- my specs---

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